MINI-S Series inverter

MINI-S Series inverter

Power range:  0.4kw-1.5kw/220V

Abroad apply for machanism, weaving, dying, packing, printing, ceramic, pharmacy, food etc. 

MINI-S Series Description:

MINI-S series is developed low-power mini-inverter by Easydrive, , the volume of light is small, beautiful and durable, easy operation, complete functions and so on. Covering power: 0.4KW-1.5KW single-phase 

Features: MINI-S

1: The Mitsubishi IPM module, machine cooling performance, failure rates than peers with low single-tube IGBT.

2: Switching Power Supply Wide Input: The scope of work AC96V-264V. To adapt to the occasion of domestic low-voltage power grid, a good short-circuit protection. 3: Control the keyboard as an optional accessory, can be flexibly according to user needs to take place.

4: For textile, transport and other types of light machinery industry matching.

5: Up to 400Hz frequency output, suitable for engraving machines, grinders, and a variety of centrifuge motor VVVF occasions.

6: Jog run features to meet customer point of moving the work requirements.

7: The pendulum frequency control: The textile industry to meet the individual design requirements.

8: Open-loop torque control, can achieve a real tension control.

9: Large starting torque (SVC control), 1Hz, when the output 150% of rated torque

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