CV-3100 series

CV-3100 series

Power range: 0.4-630KW ,Rated frequency: 0-400Hz 

 CV-3100 series is one of our frequency inverter series with good features,designed by two control mode of V/F and speed sensor-less vector control(svc).Compared to V/F control mode

Product Description

Sensorless vector control AC inverter 

1: Open-loop vector control, V / F control method can choose to (P0.0 parameter setting) 

2: V / F Curve Flexible configuration: Linear V / F curve, the square of V / F curve, user-defined V / F curve. 

3: Stopping when the electrical parameters of self-test: In the motor perfectly still under the automatic identification of motor parameters in order to get the best control effect. 

4: The external terminal multi-stage speed control, programmable multi-stage speed and pendulum frequency operation. 

5: Multi-frequency input channel mix setting. 

6: Multi-function programmable inputs, programmable relay output. 

7: The standard built-in PID regulator, a simple user-friendly flow, pressure and other closed-loop control. 

8: The choice of the cooling fan power up and running the work of two states. 

9: Switch input channels: Positive, reverse order; 6 programmable switch inputs, up to 30 functions can be set. 

10: Standard RS485 interface to the bottom. 

11: Frequency Resolution: Digital Set reach 0.01Hz; Simulation settings: The highest frequency X0.1% 

12: Torque boost function: Automatic torque increase, manual torque increase 1% -30.0% (V / F mode) 

13: Frequency setting channel: Keyboard potentiometers given; Keyboard UP / DOMN key for a given: The number for a given: Serial for a given: You can switch in three ways. 

14: Run the command channel: Operation panel for a given; Control terminal for a given; Serial port for a given; UP / DOMN key for a given analog signal for a given; Combinations given. 

15: Analog input channels: 2-channel analog signal input, 0-20mA, 0-10V to choose from. 

16: Analog output channels: Analog output, 0-20mA, 0-10V to choose from. 

17: Switch output channels: 3-way programmable open-collector output, 1 relay output signal path performance characteristics

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